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Reitumetse Segakweng

English has always been made out to be a theoretical subject but through ShakeXperience it is more of a practical subject, playing games while learning is a lot more fun than having a book in front of you and trying to figure out what certain words mean and how one can use them in a sentence. Over all my time with Lali has become something I look forward to as I not only look at her as my teacher, but a sister too.

Bonolo Moremane – Learner St. Paul High School: Taung

My experience is that the ShakeXperience is more powerful and it taught me that I should always have a high self esteem and I should say what is in my heart and am talented and it also improved my life with many things like being analytical, creative and be dramatic and be shy, be free and relaxed all the time. I love you ShakeXperience, you helped me. You improved my life

Shaun Johnson

Conversations between the generations are critical if we are to be proactive in shaping our future. I am happy to be part of an event that aims to improve the way we acquire or impart knowledge and make use of it.

Brescia House

The workshop went really well and we all gained plenty knowledge and are prepared for our exams. The enthusiasm of the ShakeXperience ladies was extremely beneficial

Veritas College

The workshop was a success because it was fun as it gave us a chance to be involved in the play itself. The characters of ShakeXperience were fun to be around

Participant: Science production - Gauteng

What an exciting way to teach, it prompts you to go out and research more. I wish we had these kinds of presentations while at school. WELL DONE GUYS!!!

Principal: Dendron Secondary School - Limpopo

I don’t know what you have done to my students, but you’ve transformed them

Learner: Topez Secondary School - Gauteng

The energy and experience shown to learners, makes learning fun and uncomplicated

Teacher: Mzomhle High School - Eastern Cape

I liked the lightness through which the workshop was taken. I liked the performances we did. It was fun, but also quite insightful

Seinoli workshop participant: Mohale Lodge - Lesotho

This method is truly liberating; it gives people the platform to air their views; and this is imperative in today’s world. Well-done ladies

The Business Place participant: Johannesburg, South Africa

The workshops were incredible, I just watched myself grow, watched individuals grow as a team